Five Ways to Win My Heart

1. Make Me Laugh - No question about it, I love to laugh!  It was one of the first things I noticed about my husband.  We weren't even dating - years from it actually.  We were in a wedding party together and he made the funniest "Best Man" Speech and I remember at the time thinking "man, I wish he was single" or better yet "man, I wish I was single".  I actually went home after that weekend, broke up with my boyfriend at the time because after seeing him I knew there was someone better for me out there.  22 years later and he's still making me laugh! 

2. Be Kind - A way to my heart is to show kindless.  Bullies, or meanness repulse me.  You could be the best looking guy in the world - but if you're a bully or you're mean - you're just plain ugly to me.

3.  Love My Family - Anyone who knows me knows that I adore my parents and brothers and sisters.  One of the first things I "loved" about Kris was how he connected so well with my Dad.  I just found it made me love him more to see how much he and my Dad got along.  A definite sure fire way to win my heart is to love the people I love in the same way I do.

4.  Be Nice to Old People - I remember when we were first together, it was a rainy evening and we were driving somewhere.  An old lady tripped on the sidewalk and fell down.  Kris immediately stopped the car and ran to help her.  She was fine.  But I remember thinking, wow, what a nice guy.  Another time we were in a fast food restaurant and and old man fell down.  People all kind of stood there, but Kris immediately ran to him, helped him up, walked him to a table and stayed with him until he was OK again.  I've seen him many times be more than kind to seniors and it simply warms my heart.

5.  Be A Gentleman. I consider myself somewhat of a feminist - I think women can do or be anything they want.  But I do still love it when a man treats a woman like a gentleman.  Open the door for me - I promise I won't be offended!

Those would be five things that would ideally win my heart.  But - my heart is already taken so there really wasnt much point in writing this was there.

- J