List Five Places You Want to Visit

I can honestly say pre-pandemic I wanted to visit Italy, Ireland, England, Hawaii and Bora Bora.  Now, that's not the case.  You won't catch me traveling anywhere  for quite some time.  So until we get this global pandemic under control, these are the five places I want to visit:

1. My Parent's House.  My Mom and Dad still live in the home on the farm where I grew up.  So you could say I'm one of those lucky people who can "always go home".  And I still refer to it as home.  It will always be home.  There is nothing like driving in the driveway and walking into the house I grew up in and seeing my parents so happy that we have all arrived.  Definitely cannot wait to go "home" again once it's safe to do so.  

2. My Sister's House.  My sister lives on a beautiful piece of properly close to Roblin, Manitoba.  She has the most beautiful home - in the winter her husband makes a giant rink on the lake by their home, and in the summer, they canoe and have so many beautiful wide open spaces to explore.  I now regret not visiting more.  We were all so busy with sports, work and life that I wish I had taken more time to visit her beautiful home.

3.  My Brother's House.  My brother's house is in Grandview, a few miles from my parent's place.  You can't go there and not have fun.  There is always something going on - either they're canning, or having a "sing along" with my brother attempting to play the guitar.  It's just always fun, and we love to visit.  As with my sister's place, I now regret not visiting more.  I put sports and busy'ness ahead of all of them, that will never happen again.  If this pandemic has taught me anything - it's to spend more time with my family!

4.  My Brother's House in Ottawa.  I had told my husband in the Fall that I wanted to surprise my brother and go visit him and his wife and little girls in Ottawa.  Just me.  I wanted to hop on a plane and spend some quality time with his sweet little girls.  And now I sit here worrying about how long this pandemic is going to last for and when I'm ever going to be able to see him and his family again.  

5. The Mountains.  Since we're likely going to have to stick to our own country for a while after things settled, I'd love to head back to the mountains in Alberta and spend some time in Banff and Lake Louise.  If my family weren't mostly from Manitoba I am positive I would move West.  When I get to the mountains I am always in awe of the scenery.  It just feels so good to be surrounded by such natural beauty.   So I'm thinking our first "trip" when this pandemic ends is likely going to be a road trip to the mountains. :)